Unlimited 83

Unlimited 83 is the store that houses all of our brands. Rustic 83, Positive Words Apparel, and Socken Haus 83.  Customize rustic prints, socks, and gifts.

Rustic 83 is a brand specializing in custom photo imagery, accessories, gifts and decor. After the customization process has happened the designs are put onto the finest rustic elements such as Birch wood, Wood, Stone, Leather, Burlap, and Metal. Made to fit each one of our customers uniquely.

Positive Words Apparel Co. brand prints positive inspiring words on apparel, accessories and plaques. Focusing on the positive and making a difference this brand gives back to the Children’s hospital.

Socken Haus 83 specializes in custom socks and sleeves for schools recreation centers, sports, organizations and just plain fun. So let’s get creative!